L21 yTH

Life21 Youth Group exists to provide a place for middle and high school aged youth to gather together on a weekly basis in order to:


Grow in the knowledge of God


Whether through interactive games, casual conversations, musical worship, prayer, or bible studies, we believe the Lord wants to constantly reveal Himself to us. Our goal is that every time we gather together, we would all leave changed by God, walking more closely with Him and understanding His love for us.


Develop healthy friendships in the Lord


In order to walk in all that God has for us, we need to have healthy relationships. In this youth group we strive to create a safe environment in which youth can be vulnerable, ask questions, make friends, and learn how to walk together in life. Whether through playing games, praying for one another, or sharing life’s struggles, our goal is to lovingly support one another through the many challenges that life brings.


Learn how to most effectively impact the world around us


While we certainly emphasize knowing/loving God and our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord, God has called us to intentionally pursue the many others He has placed in our paths. In our youth group we understand that sharing God’s love and truth with others can be intimidating and difficult. One of our primary goals is to equip youth so that they can confidently impact the world around them.